Battery Storage

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Choosing a Solar Energy Battery

A clean, silent alternative to a standard gas generator, connecting your solar system to a battery will supply power to the backed uploads in your home or business during a utility grid outage. Your solar array can recharge the battery as long as the sun is out and the panels are free of snow, increasing the amount of time you can live comfortably without the grid.

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Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall allows you to store 14 kWh of energy. This energy can run your home during the night, or in the event of a power outage, without accessing the grid. Powerwall is compact, safe, and includes a built-in battery inverter. The battery inverter provides easier integration and over-the-air updates for new features and functions.

Enphase Ensemble

All components of the Ensemble series work together to create your own individual micro-grid, offering true energy independence from the grid.

Your solar panels will continue to operate regardless of whether the electricity grid is up or down. The Ensemble line will reliably supply usable energy for days, not hours. The Ensemble line is essentially the most reliable grid-tied battery backup solution on the market to date.

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John B.

From start to finish Cape Cod Heat Pumps knocked it out of the park!! I called several other companies, but Cape Cod Heat Pumps was head and shoulders above the rest!! Micheal the sales professional really knew the product and what he could do for me. The owner Jared is hands on and runs a very capable company. The office staff took care of the rebate process for me as well. More importantly the installers were all very polite and respectful. Overall, Kevin the lead installer deserves the most Kudos!! He communicated very well, set expectations and delivered on all points of the installation. He made sure the best quality installation was preformed every step of the way. If you need Mini Splits for your project, just make one call, you’ll be glad you did!!

Catherine O.

From my first phone inquiry to the site visit to system installation my experience with Solar Rising has been exceptional! Everything was explained clearly, any questions I had were promptly answered. I definitely had the A-team for my installation! I was introduced to each person (I believe there were 6 men) – so friendly and professional. I was surprised – and delighted – the entire system was installed in 7 hours! Solar Rising took care of the permitting process and handled all the behind the scenes administrative matters. Now I love checking in everyday to see how many KW I am producing!! I have no hesitation recommending Solar Rising!

Jon S.

Don’t look any further. Solar Rising was fantastic to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Every step of the way was handled with professionalism. The entire team was extremely helpful and responsive. Everything was done on time and exactly as promised. The installation crew treated our property as if it was their own. They were neat, proficient, friendly, and helpful. The office staff was great and they responded to emails and phone calls immediately. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable. There is no comparison to the other companies that we contacted and we highly recommend Solar Rising.

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